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A Note About Freedom

The pressure to ban our firearms is always there and all too frequently reaches the crescendo we experienced between December of 2012 and April of 2012. The noise often diminishes to the level we see now, but the pressure will increase when the next pretext pops up. Indeed many anti-gun measures continue to be proposed and enacted partly because the reduced fervor makes us think all is well.

Please continue your vigilance and support of the Bill of Rights. Our constitution provides for change and adjustment. We have a responsibility to ensure that changes enhance, not minimize, freedom while ensuring polite behavior.

Support your favorite pro Bill of Rights organization by donating and actively participating at the grass roots level or more directly if the opportunity presents itself. The NRA Institute for Legislative Action is one of several of these organizations working diligently to help protect our rights. You can help their mission by donating to the NRA-ILA and participating in any way you are comfortable.

Another way to help is to frequently remind your elected officials of the continuing need to observe the tenets of the Bill of Rights, especially the first and the second amendments.

Equally important to keeping our firearms freedom intact is finding more paths for the urban community to participate in the shooting sports. This may not be the obvious ones like more shooting ranges, but can also be more subtle like finding and promoting skills building activities with paintball and airsoft equipment. In this context, the common practice of shooting at each other with paintballs or airsoft pellets must be avoided, but instead work to find interesting ways to build skills that feed current competitive shooting venues.

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