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Volume 2 - 6.5 Grendel Reloading Handbook

Introduction Volume 1 Volume 2

Volume 2 of the 6.5 Grendel Reloading Handbook is at the printers! We expect that retail outlets will have copies for sale shortly after Christmas with deliveries starting in the first half of January 2014.

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Sources for the 6.5 Grendel Reloading Handbook, Volume 2

Volume 2 Title Page

This volume expands on the first one through a strong emphasis on the Grendel as a medium game cartridge. Our ballistic gelatin tests and research showed that the right 6.5 caliber bullets are effective from small varmints all the way through at least Elk. Further, these bullets are useful at Grendel velocities out to reasonable distances.

While many early Grendel purchasers opted for 24-inch and longer barrels, the most popular barrels today are 18″ – 20″ barrels with a large number of 16″ barrels being purchased. Game has been harvested using pistols chambered for the Grendel cartridge as well. Our research and analysis shows that mid-length barrels are sound choices for hunters interested in medium game at ranges out to 400 or 500 yards and the very shortest barrels do well at intermediate ranges.

We present the results of ballistic gelatin tests for several popular hunting bullets and show which medium game weight classes these bullets are appropriate for. Further, this testing confirms other research suggesting that the Grendel has excellent potential for medium game through at least the size of Elk with pistol-length barrels. The analyses also indicate that the Grendel is effective on medium game out to at least 500 yards with 18″ to 20″ barrels.

Volume 2 Excerpt

A fascinating story by a former Alaskan guide and current Grand Slam hunter shows why the 6.5 caliber has long had a strong following in Europe and why the caliber is rapidly gaining popularity in North America. That discussion helps illustrate the wisdom of Bill Alexander’s choice of caliber for the 6.5 Grendel. We did a series of terminal ballistics test with selected hunting bullets to fill in gaps of testing by others to develop recommendations of what bullets make sense. The results confirmed the broader experiences and showed how the Grendel takes advantage of those bullets. The experience shows that the right bullets make the Grendel good for Elk, deer and varmints.

These features, coupled with recoil on a par with that of the .243 Winchester, make the Grendel a very interesting cartridge indeed. They explain why shooters who are younger than 10 (!) through men and women old enough to be arguably called ‘old-codgers’ use the cartridge for hunting and many other types of shooting. Further, that mild recoil means that they can shoot enough to become very good shots with their rifles. When we consider the emerging lines of aesthetically pleasing adjustable stocks, we can see that those 7 – 10 year-old Grendel shooters may still be using the same rifles when they too are well past retirement age and in all types of hunting weather.


Remembering that we wrote a “Reloading” handbook, we also have a serious discussion covering useful reloading procedures and tips in addition to the 200+ loads contributed by members of the and several commercial sources. We are grateful to our friends in the forum and the commercial community for permission to use their data.

How much will this 100-plus page book cost? The retail community will ultimately set the prices but the chances are that it will be less than a box of 100 bullets or a pound of premium powder!

— Happy Shooting and Reloading!!

You can get copies of the 6.5 Grendel Reloading Handbook Volume 2 at:

Introduction Volume 1 Volume 2

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