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Sight Pictures Using Your Drop and Drift at a specified range

This utility allows you to enter your own ballistic data for your range of interest and you get one image for each calculation.

The wide variety of online ballistic calculators* make getting drop and drift information at particular ranges very easy. For example, has an excellent calculator linked directly from load data. Many folks also use the very popular site as their “go to” source of trajectory data.

Regardless of your ballistics data source, you can use QuickPix to visualize the sight picture with just the computed drop and drift. The input form also has spaces for identifying information to include range and wind.

Here’s how it works:

  • You supply drop & drift info for a specific range and wind condition.
  • Add any descriptive information that will help identify the image for future reference.
  • You will get one picture each time you use the button.

Go to QuickPix to find your sight picture using your drop and drift information.

* Some smart device apps also produce sight pictures, an ability not available when was launched. A continuing benefit from our sight picture utilities is one can get a feel about how useful the imagery on one’s smart device might be. One can do an online search for “ballistic calculator apps” to see if one is of interest for continued exploration and field work.

Try QuickPix now: Go to QuickPix

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