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Are you thinking about using your 30-30 for coyote but aren’t sure if the rifle is good for more than about 100 yards? Look at “Long Range” coyote hunting with a scope-sighted 30-30 rifle. The article will help you decide what is a reasonable range for ethical hunting with your rifle.

Wondering how to manage recoil with your large caliber rifle or your shotgun? Try looking at the discussion about Taming Recoil.

Want to maximize the value of your small-caliber shooting? Using loads that closely match the trajectories of your favorite large-game rifle can help. To learn more, look at the discussion about companion rifles.

Are you a reloading working up a new load, especially for a wildcat cartridge or with a powder and bullet combination not listed in manuals? If so, you need to ask “When are pressures too high“?

Some of our readers have an interest in new developments in military aircraft for close-air support in austere conditions. This short note explores an interesting concept for counter-insurgency operations.

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