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Aug 2012
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New this month:
Have you ever wondered whether the pressure generated by your handloads are reasonable for your cases and rifle? At the same time, are you uncomfortable with the notion of 'reading primers' to get the answer? Try looking at using case head expansion as an alternative method.
Web diameter measurement location -- just above the extaction groove
Measure the diameter at the web

The Fall hunting season is breathing down our necks and has already started for some of us. These two notes are featured again because they are useful for preparing for that important hunt:

Featured Page: Expanded Target Library
Lyman Products Corporation recently gave the go-ahead to use a set of their nice line-drawing target images. The strength of line drawings is that the artist focused on the target and added very little or no clutter. This art technique more closely replicates our tendency to ignore everything but the target when squeezing off a shot. Targets provided by Lyman include a Bighorn Sheep, a Dall Sheep, a Rocky Mountain Goat, a Coyote, a Black Bear, and a Brown Bear. Use the Build Sight Pictures utility and see if they help with your shooting!
Six Targets from Lyman Products

Featured Page: Holdover and Aim Points for hunting with the Grendel
This note shows how one can use comparatively heavy bullets in a small cartridge to take deer-sized game out to beyond 300 yard and to do it with the rifle scopes and range estimating techniques available to most of us.
Grendel aim points for deer at 225 and 325 yards

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