Shooters Notes! - Velocity for New Barrel Length and Reduced Loads
Identifying Info (40 characters per line max):
(The above info is only to help reference the results - it is not input data for calculations. This means you may put anything you want, or nothing, in the fields.)

Reference Load (Usually Handbook Values):
Bullet Dia (in): Case Length (in):
Case Volume (gr water): (completely full) Muzzle Velocity
Bullet Wt (gr): Charge Weight (gr):
Barrel Length (in): (from breech face)
New load (below) will be calculated using this known reference data as part of the input.

New Load and Barrel Length:
New Bullet Wt (gr): New Charge Weight (gr):
New Barrel Length (in): (from breech face)

Estimate new velocity -

Calculate recoil for the reference load? Enter Firearm Wt. (lb):

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