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Ballistic Data
Published ballistic charts frequently use the popular 200 yard zero for displaying trajectory information. Enter the drop at 500 yards with the 200 yard zero. Enter your target's range in the "Target" section below. The software will calculate the drop for the target's range.
Drop at 500 yd (in): (200 yard zero)
Some, but not all, manufacturer's ballistic charts show wind drift for a 10 mph wind. When available for 10 mph wind, enter the drift at 500 yards. You'll get an interpolated value valid for your target's range. If the drift is not available, leave the box blank and the software will estimate the drift based on averages.
10 mph drift at 500 yd: (leave blank if not known)
If you already have drop and drift data for your exact range, use QuickPix: Go to QuickPix

Scope & Target
Scope & Reticle (power set at highest magnification):
Target: Range: (range more than 10 but less than 600 yd)
Crosswind Strength (mph): From left From Right

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Having trouble finding ballistic data? These manufacturers use the 200 yard zero and give data at 500 yards:
Federal Ballistics
Hornady (No wind data)
Remington (No wind data)
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