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Compute Sight Pictures!

How often have you stared at a ballistic table and wondered what the image in the scope should be to hit the target at distance?

The “Compute Sight Pictures” input array below connects to a handful of pre-computed trajectories. It the original version of the utility and is very useful if the trajectory and scope image are close enough to yours to work.

Two newer versions are available that offer improved turn-around speed. The first and most recently introduced is Build Sight Pictures! All you need for this version is the drop at 500 yards when your rifle and load are zeroed at 200 yards. Of course, if you also enter the 500 yd drift for a 10 mph wind the wind drift will be more accurately presented. This utility is surprisingly easy to use, especially when doing excursions in range and wind speed. Go to Build Sight Pictures!

If the zero is different than 200 yards or you have precise drop and drift data for a particular range, try using the QuickPix sight picture calculator. Go to QuickPix

Alternative target imags and scope configurations are available in all three versions.

Try “Compute Sight Pictures!”

Select Bullet & Velocity:

Enter desired Zero Height


Enter Sight Height:

inches (Sight Height = distance between sight line and center of bore)

Select Zero Range (yards):











Select Scope & Reticle:

Select Scope Power:

Low Magnification

High Magnification

Select Target:


Clay Pigeon

500 ml Bottle

One Gallon Jug

10 inch Paper Plate



Mountain Goat

Mule Deer



Sight Pictures — Choose the ranges you would like to see (Select two to keep refresh time short, more gives longer wait times and risks exceeding server time limits.) :

50 yards

100 yards

150 yards

200 yards

250 yards

300 yards

350 yards

400 yards

450 yards

500 yards

A SUGGESTION — Try using the distance you will place your sight-in target and the longest range you could reasonably expect to shoot while hunting or practicing. The default range selections are examples. Adjust the zero height so you are comfortable with the reticle references at the longer range. Follow-up with a review of the intermediate ranges and actual shooting in the field!)

Clicking the “Submit” button will produce sight picture images for selected scope & target.

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