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Bill of Rights Issues

While there are some downsides to maiking one’s views known, contacting our elected representatives is critical to having a chance to preserve the freedoms enshrined in our Constitution and Bill of Rights. The challenges to freedom occur at all levels of government but the federal and state levels appear to be most active.

The NRA works these issues on our behalf, but absolutely needs our participation in the form of contacts with our elected officials to demonstrate that the NRA indeed represents a very large part of our voting population. One of the challenges we have is knowing what issues have bubbled to the top and need addressing. Oftentimes, we don’t communicate because getting contact information is not as easy as our congress and assembly people would like it to be.

This table gives an example of current California-specific issues:

The NRA has helped make it easy to contact our representatives without going through extensive searches for contact information and repeated filling of forms by implementing the “Take Action” page. If this is the first time you visit the page, you will likely find a form requesting your contact information. All our elected representatives require this information from us to verify that we are real people and whether we are members of the political region they represent. The page stores our information after the first use so the representative’s forms are pre-filled, saving us the hassle of doing it many times.

The page is organized so you can write your own note to Federal or state officials or you can click on an issue-specific button that already has a well-written note that we can modify to reflect our unique points of view. Please accept any invitations to receive email announcements. They are sent only when one or more issues need our support.

Bottom line, use these tools and donate as much as your conscience and budget allow!

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A note for webmasters: In the spirit of making things easy, you are free to use any of the language on this page to create your own message in support of the 2nd Amendment and other Bill of rights issues. Other pages on, however, remain subject to the the need for permission to use.

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